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PSMG Presentations: 2003 to Present

October, 2003 to September, 2005

date Topic Presenters
10/14/03 Two-Part Growth Modeling of Adolescent Substance Usein the Raising Healthy Children Project   Act II: Updated Results from Mplus 3.0  Eric C. Brown, Kevin Haggerty, Rico Catalano
10/21/03 Structural Ecosystems Therapy For HIV Medication Adherence DA15004 aka SETA Daniel Feaster, Victoria Mitrani, Myron Burns, Allan Rodriguez, Carleen Robinson, Desh Asthana, Lila Smith, Jose Szapocznik


Mediators, Moderators, and More David P. MacKinnon
11/18/03 Biomarkers to predict Alzheimer's Disease (Latent Class Modeling) Jim Mortimer& Youigui Wu
12/02/03 Discrete-time Recurrent Event History Analysis Katherine Masyn
12/09/03 Discrete-time Recurrent Event History (part 2) Analysis Katherine Masyn
12/16/03 Stressful Life Events and Depressive Symptoms in Couples the Year Following Job Loss George W. Howe, Amy Gentzler
01/06/04 Mediators of stress effects on depression George Howe
01/13/04 Prevention Methodology Application C Hendricks Brown
02/10/04 1. Advances In Latent Variable Modeling Of Heterogeneous Phenotypes 

2.Hybrid Latent Variable Models
for Diagnostic Criteria 

Bengt Muthen
03/02/04 Residual Diagnostics for
Growth Mixture Model
Chen-Pin Wang, Hendricks Brown, Karen Bandeen-Roche 
03/16/04 Advanced Applications of General Growth Mixture Modeling  Daniel J. Feaster, Craig Henderson, Hanno Petras, Paul Greenbaum, Lee Van Horn
04/27/04 Mediators and Moderators in Prevention Research David P. MacKinnon, Hendricks Brown, Booil Jo, Michael Sobel, & Shep Kellam 
05/04/04 Modeling preponderance of zeros in longitudinal data Bengt Muthen & Frauke Kreuter
05/11/04 Latent Growth Mixture Modeling with Intervention Trials: An Example from a Randomized Controlled Trial of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment C. Henderson, P. Greenbaum, G. Dakof, C. Rowe, & H. Liddle
05/18/04 The Course of Aggression and Juvenile Court Violence: A Gender Comparison of Antecedents and Consequences  H. Petras, D. Furr-Holden, N. Ialongo & S. Kellam
07/13/04 Censored, Censored-Inflated, and 2-Part (Latent Class) Growth Analysis Latent Class Factor Analysis  Bengt Muthen, Tihomir Asparouhov
07/27/04 Transformations for Growth Models to Improve Fit and Handle Upper and Lower Boundaries  C Hendricks Brown
08/17/04 Mediation in logistic and probit regression David P. MacKinnon
08/24/04 SPR presentation C Hendricks Brown
08/31/04 Causes and correlates of desistance from crime Dr Kim Henry
09/07/04 SPR presentation C Hendricks Brown
10/12/04 Design and analysis of a group randomized preventive intervention trial Lee Van Horn, David Murray
10/19/04 Population Based Suicide Prevention C Hendricks Brown
10/26/04 Georgia Gatekeeper Project C Hendricks Brown, Peter Wyman
11/02/04 Interaction of Latent Variables Andreas Klein
03/01/05 Substance use trajectories across early adolescence: Linking intervention family, and peer processes Arin Connell & Tom Dishion
03/15/05 Improving Therapist Fidelity During EBP Implementation John Landsveck, Greg Aarons & Mike Hurlburt
04/19/05 Treating Youths with PTSD and Conduct Problems Dana Smith
05/17/05 < SPR presentation Preview>

1)  Evaluation of longitudinal mediating mechanisms of a drug prevention program for adolescent athletes

2)  Nonlinear SEM, Model Types and Estimation

3) Model Choices in Intention-to-Treat Analysis:
Randomized Trials with Non-attendance and Non-response

1)  JeeWon Cheong,  David MacKinnon,  Jason Williams, Dr. Matthew

2)  Klein, A & Muthen, B.O.

3)  Booil Jo

07/12/05 Designs for implementation/ dissemination C Hendricks Brown
07/26/05 Person-specific model with autorcorrelation  Dan Feaster
09/06/05 GBG impact – summary of the methods + basic outcome findings Hendricks Brown, Hanno Petras, Bengt Muthen, Wei Wang, Peter Toyinbo
09/13/05 Overview of Nagin models and comments regarding Mplus Bengt Muthen
09/27/05 Nonignorably missing data  Bengt Muthen, Hendricks Brown

Year 2006

Date Topic Presenter
01/24/06 Basic Formulation of Causality I Booil Jo & C Hendricks Brown 
01/31/06 Basic Formulation of Causality II Booil Jo & C Hendricks Brown 
02/07/06 Examining Causality for Antidepressants and Suicide Robert Gibbons, Sue Marcus, Hendricks Brown
02/14/06 Identification of Causal Parameters in
Randomized Studies with Mediators
Michael Sobel
02/21/06 Average Causal Effects on Binary Outcomes: Measures, Collapsibility, Selection, and Estimation  by Propensity Score Subclassification Yi Huang & Karen Bandeen-Roche
02/28/06 Using Time Varying Principal
Stratification Models for
Nonexperimental Studies:
Application to Antidepressives and Suicide
Hendricks Brown
03/07/06 Causality in Mediation Modeling David Mackinnon & Booil Jo
03/14/06 The Concept of Counfounded Causal Relationships by Steyer Andreas Klein
04/04/06 How can Prevention Trials Test Theories Concerning the Etiology of Comorbid Conditions? George Howe  
04/11/06 Tentative: On disseminating a treatment foster care intervention with a randomized trial of California counties

Patti Chamberlain & Hendricks Brown  

04/18/06 Tentative: Results of training for the Ga Gatekeeper project Peter Wyman & Hendricks Brown 
04/25/06 Mplus 4 Bengt Muthen 

Judea Pearl

Booil Jo 
05/09/06 PMHP Trial Peter Wyman 
05/16/06 Behavioral Observation Multilevel Modeling Jeanne  Poduska et al
05/23/06 Multilevel Mediation David Mackinnon 
06/20/06 PSMG Self Study Moderator: George Howe
06/27/06 PSMG Self Study Moderator: George Howe
0711/06 Does stress lead to depression in different ways for different people? Studying mediators of gene-environment and personality-environment interaction. George Howe
07/25/06 Continuous Time Survival in Latent Variable Models Tihomir Asparouhov
08/22/06 Developmental course and prevention of Antisocial Personality Disorder Effects of a universal first-grade classroom intervention in young adulthood Hanno Petras

Updates on Mediation Analysis

David Mackinnon, Getachew Dagne, C H Brown, Wei Wang
09/05/06 SPR Abstracts C H Brown
09/12/06 Dynamic Panel Models For Reciprocal Effects:  A Person-Specific Cross-Lagged Panel Models & Simulation Results on a Person-Specific Simplex Model Dan Feaster
09/19/06 SPR Abstracts C H Brown
10/03/06 A Multilevel Investigation of the Built Environment and Overweight/Obesity in Adults Aged 50-75 Years Old Fuzhong Li
10/10/06 Methodology associated with assessing diabetes medication effects on cardiovascular diseases among type 2 diabetics Chen Pin
10/24/06 Binary Mediator Analysis Booil Jo
10/31/06 On the Estimation of Causal Parameters in Mediator Models for Observational Data Andreas Klein
11/21/06 Multilevel Features of Mplus 4.2 Bengt Muthen  
12/05/06 Multilevel Modeling Bengt Muthen
12/12/06 What do randomized studies of housing mobility demonstrate?: Causal Inference in the face of Interference Michael Sobel

Year 2007

Date Topic presenter
01/09/07 The Neyman-Rubin model for causal inference and the usual error term models of statistics Paul Holland
01/16/07 Matching with Multiple Control Groups Elizabeth Stuart
01/23/07 Estimation of Causal Effects in Randomized Trials Using A Propensity Score Method Booil Jo
02/27/07 Methods for Evaluating Impact in Randomized Field Trials: Integrating the Perspectives of Person, Place, and Time. Hendricks  Brown &  Wei Wang
03/06/07 Methods for Evaluating Impact in Randomized Field Trials: Integrating the Perspectives of Person, Place, and Time. Hendricks  Brown &  Wei Wang
03/20/07 Accounting for heterogeneity in growth trajectories in longitudinal intervention studies Booil Jo
03/27/07 Using regression mixture models to find differential effects Lee Van Horn
04/03/07 Multilevel modeling of ITT and Post-Intervention Analysis in RFT Hendricks  Brown
04/10/07 Multilevel effect sizes in analyses of RFT Hendricks  Brown
04/24/07 Pushing the envelope: Improving behavioral interventions by analyzing post-treatment heterogeneity Tom Tenhave
05/01/07 Mediation in Randomized Trials: A Principal Stratification Perspective Booil Jo
05/08/07 Dealing with limited resources:  Efficient selection of individuals for long-term follow-up Elizabeth Stuart
05/22/07 Substantiation and Severity of Child Maltreatment Reports Over Time: A Two-Part Latent Growth Curve Model Svetlana Yampolskaya & Paul Greenbaum
06/12/07 SPR follow-up / Methods in analyzing random field trials Hendricks Brown
06/26/07 Causal inference in randomized trials in mediation Booil Jo
07/10/07 More on latent variables Bengt Muthen
07/17/07 – 08/31/07 SUMMER BREAK - NO PRESENTATION No presentation
09/04/07 Preparing SPR 07 papers for publication Hendricks Brown
09/11/07 The application of the potential outcome framework to causal mediator analysis - Application, Interpretation, and Limitations Andreas Klein
10/02/07 Discuss SPR 08 C. Hendricks Brown
10/09/07 Discuss SPR  08 /  On antidepressants and risk of suicide C. Hendricks Brown & Robert Gibbons
10/16/07 Characterizing and Modeling the Interaction of Couples Under Stress George Howe, Hendricks Brown, Getachew Dagne
10/23/07 Making use of limited resources: Optimal selection of subjects for follow-up Elizabeth Stuart
11/06/07 Factors Associated with Substance Use in Hispanic Adolescents Barbara Lopez & Wei Wang
11/13/07 What's New in Mplus Version 5 Bengt Muthen
11/27/07 Methodology for Mental Health / Drug Abuse Prevention and Early Intervention C. Hendricks Brown

Year 2008

Date Topic Presenter
01/15/08 Reference Stratification and the Use of Coarse Principal Strata Booil Jo
01/22/08 GA Gatekeeper project C. Hendricks Brown, Peter Wyman & Jing Guo
01/29/08 Adaptive Designs Workgroup (Monthly presentation) C. Hendricks Brown, Bengt Muthen, Tom Tenhave, Getachew Dagne & Booil Jo
02/05/08 A group-randomized trial to test the effectiveness of an adapted alcohol use preventive intervention for urban youth: Outcomes and analysis plans. Kelli Komro, Mildred Maldonado-Molina, and Amy Tobler
02/19/08 The use of covariate information in causal inference Booil Jo, Liz Stuart
02/26/08 Adaptive Designs Workgroup (Monthly presentation) C. Hendricks Brown, Bengt Muthen, Tom Tenhave, Getachew Dagne & Booil Jo
03/04/08 Recent findings from the Community Youth Development Study David Hawkins & Ric Brown
03/25/08 Adaptive Designs Workgroup (Monthly presentation) C. Hendricks Brown, Bengt Muthen, Tom Tenhave, Getachew Dagne & Booil Jo
04/08/08 Follow -up meeting C. Hendricks Brown
04/22/08 What's New in Mplus Version 5.1 Bengt Muthen
04/29/08 Adaptive Designs Workgroup (Monthly presentation) C. Hendricks Brown, Bengt Muthen, Tom Tenhave, Getachew Dagne & Booil Jo
05/13/08 When good latent class analyses go bad: Treating class membership as an observed variable Shaunna Clark
05/27/08 Adaptive Designs Workgroup (Monthly presentation) C. Hendricks Brown, Bengt Muthen, Tom Tenhave, Getachew Dagne & Booil Jo
6/17/08 PSMG agenda C. Hendricks Brown
6/24/08 no presentation no presentation
7/01/08 no presentation no presentation
7/08/08 no presentation no presentation
7/15/08 no presentation no presentation
7/22/08 Parallel-Process Discrete-Time Survival Modeling Via Latent Transition Analysis Patrick Malone
7/29/08 ~ 9/9/08 Summer break no presentation
9/16/08 Update for new funding for PSMG Hendricks Brown
9/23/08 SPR abstracts, Workgroups Hendricks Brown and Getachew Dagne
9/30/08 Issues in the Design of an Internet Depression Prevention Trial Ricardo Munoz
10/7/08 no presentation no presentation
10/14/08 Intent to Treat and As-Treated Analysis of the Georgia Gatekeeper Trial. Hendricks Brown, Peter Wyman, and Jing Guo
10/21/08 Reference stratification in causal inference, part II Booil Jo
10/28/08 Suicidal behaviors in youths: Longitudinal studies and a relapse prevention study David Goldston
11/4/08 An Ecodevelopmental Framework for Preventing Substance Use and HIV Risk Behaviors among Hispanic Youth Guillermo Prado
11/11/08 TBA TBA
11/18/08 1. Individual and Contextual Typologies of Heavy Adolescent Alcohol Use: An Application of Multilevel Latent Class Analysis.

2. Documenting the role of PSMG and PSMG-2 on the field of prevention science

1. Kim Henry

2. Hendricks Brown

11/25/08 Causal inference in randomized experiments with mediational processes Booil Jo
12/02/08 What's New in Mplus Version 5.2 & Strategies for Advanced Modeling in Mplus Bengt Muthen
12//09/08 No presentation No presentation
12/16/08 Evaluation of Repeated Parent Daily Report (PDR) Count Data from Randomized Trials David DeGarmo
12/23/08 no presentation No presentation
12/30/08 No presentation No presentation

Year 2009

01/06/09 NIDA Center Application I Hendricks Brown
01/13/09 NIDA Center Application II Hendricks Brown
01/20/09 Familias Unidas: A program of research aimed at preventing substance use and HIV risk behaviors in Hispanic youth Guillermo Prado
01/27/09 No presentation No presentation
02/03/09 Non-ignorable missing data and growth mixture modeling Bengt Muthen
02/10/09 Missing Data in Longitudinal Trials: Analytic Issues. Juned Siddique
02/17/09 Social network Terri Griffith
02/24/09 Person- compared with Variable-centered Outcomes from an Alcohol Prevention Trial for Urban Youth (Project Northland Chicago) Kelli Komro, Amy Tobler, and Mildred Maldonado-Molina
03/03/09 IOM report (will be changed) Irwin Sandler
03/10/09 Estimating drug effects in the presence of placebo response:
Causal inference using growth mixture modeling
Bengt Muthen
03/17/09 no presentation no presentation
03/24/09 Developing adaptive interventions Peter Wyman, George Howe
03/31/09 Longitudinal study work group Getachew Dagne
04/07/09 No presentation No presentation
04/14/09 Social Networks to Understand and Change Behavior Tom Valente
04/21/09 Sample Size Determination for Three-level Longitudinal Models with Differential Attrition Dulal Bhaumik
04/28/09 No presentation No presentation
05/05/09 No presentation No presentation
05/12/09 No presentation No presentation
05/19/09 Multivariate, Multilevel Modeling of the Problem Solving Styles of Couples Under Stress. George Howe, Getachew Dagne, Hendricks Brown
05/26/09 ~
No Schedule No Schedule
09/08/09 Presentation in preparation for Interagency federal methodological meeting Hendricks Brown
09/15/09 No presentation No presentation
09/22/09 the PSMG competing continuation reapplication to NIMH on methods for synthesizing mediation and moderation analyses across randomized trials, with application to adolescent depression. Hendricks Brown, George Howe, Dave MacKinnon, Wei Wang, Juned Siddique, Wei Wang, and Tom Tenhave
09/29/09 Preparing organization of APR abstract Hendricks Brown
10/06/09 Methods to Test Mediated Moderation in Multisite Clinical Trials Kaleab Z. Abebe
10/13/09 Sensitivity of regression mixture models to non-normality, and one possible solution M.Lee Van Horn
10/20/09 principal stratification analysis using latent growth mixture modeling: application to a type 2 diabetes study Chen-Pin Wang
10/27/09 Estimating the causal effect of randomization versus treatment preference in a doubly-randomized preference trial Sue, Marcus
11/03/09 TBA TBA
11/10/09 TBA TBA
11/17/09 Latent Variable Modeling and Multiple Imputation to Calibrate Rater Bias: Application to a Diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Juned Siddique
11/24/09 Full matching and other recent developments in propensity score methods. Elizabeth Stuart
12/01/09 No presentation No presentation
12/08/09 The Sources of Strength Suicide Prevention Program: Outcomes and Methodologic/Ethical Challenges with Unlinked Longitudinal Data on Suicide Ideation and Behavior Peter Wyman
12/15/09 No presentation No presentation
12/22/09 No presentation No presentation
12/29/09 No presentation No presentation
01/05/10 Additive Latent Variable (ALV) Modeling: Assessing variation in intervention impact in randomized field trials. Peter Toyinbo
01/12/10 Marginal Structural Models Stephen Cole
01/19/10 Structural Nested Mean Models for Assessing Time-Varying Causal Effect Moderation Daniel Almirall
01/26/10 Methods and Applications for Synthesizing Findings on Moderation Analyses across Multiple Randomized Trials. Hendricks Brown, Zili Sloboda, Craig Henderson, Paul Greenbaum and Wei Wang.
02/02/10 No presentation No presentation
02/09/10 No presentation No presentation
02/16/10 No presentation No presentation
02/23/10 Introduction to Clinico-Genomics Jennifer Clarke
03/02/10 No presentation No presentation
03/09/10 TBA George Howe
03/16/10 No presentation No presentation
03/23/10 Applying actor-based statistical models to the study of co-evolving adolescent peer relationships and behavior John Light
03/30/10 Open Open
04/06/10 Using agent models to quantify violent and non-violent human behavior Neil Johnson
04/13/10 No presentation No presentation
04/20/10 No presentation No presentation
04/27/10 Causes and Counterfacutals Dr. Pearl
05/04/10 TBA Dr. Silenzio (U of rochester)
05/1110 TBA Dr. Peter Hovmand
05/18/10 What’s New in Mplus 6.0! Dr. Bengt Muthen
05/25/10 Open Open
06/01/10 Open Open